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Mundpropaganda Wien is a visionary Viennese supergroup of 3 dental professionals who have united their expertise to create a dental practice like no other. Here, dentistry transcends convention, as Mundpropaganda exudes the charm & allure of a chic concept store rather than a typical dentist office. Our branding aims to reflect its uniqueness & the extraordinary dental journey it offers. Mundpropaganda embodies elegance, sophistication and innovation–revolutionizing the way people perceive dentistry. Colors and typography play an integral role in shaping the brand’s personality, whilst modern typography adds a contemporary touch to the overall design. Every aspect of the brand experience, from the website to printed materials, will reflect Mundpropaganda’s commitment to providing exceptional dental care in an environment that resonates with both adults seeking orthodontic solutions and children embarking on their journey to achieve the perfect smiles they deserve.

  • Scope: Logo, Branding, Printed Matter, Webdesign
  • Category: Health
  • Partner: Mato Vincetić, Max Schulmeister, Martin Wessely
  • Year: 2021-2022
  • Location: Vienna, Austria