Return Home

Palais M.

The tale of Phillip & Kiri is a serendipitous love story that began 8 years ago in the City of Dreams: New York. On their first date and over 4 Negronis, they embarked on a journey of love. Their vision was to explore Europe together, with the intention of one day returning to New York. Their adventurous spirits led them to Berlin, and from there, to the enchanting city of Vienna. For Phillip, who once left Vienna and never imagined returning, this move was meant to be a brief stopover - a pied-à-terre of sorts. However, fate had different plans, and with the arrival of the pandemic, their lives took an unexpected turn. They started a family & Vienna became more than just a temporary abode; it became their forever home. In Vienna’s 6th district, they discovered a historical gem: a charming detached building adorned with bay windows and corner towers, built in 1889 by Carl Langhammer for the k.u.k. court cabinet maker Bernhard Hieronymus Ludwig, holding the secrets of Vienna’s past. Entrusting the transformation of their newfound haven to us, we embarked on a journey to preserve the apartment’s original historical charm. Our meticulous approach and attention to detail infused the space with its original splendor, ensuring that the apartment stands as a token to the beauty of Viennese architecture, providing not only a home but a place to create lasting memories for a growing family.

  • Scope: Interior Design, Photography
  • Category: Residential
  • Partner: Studio Kasacek, Kohlmaier Wien, Design+Holz, Cuuluu, DeVol, Breitwieser Stoneworld, Bauwerk Colour, Ana S. Barros
  • Year: 2020-2021
  • Location: Vienna, Austria