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About Us

© Apollonia T. Bitzan
We are a women-led studio, run by Founder & Design Director Laura Karasinski since 2012 & joined by Junior Art Director Anna Walzer in 2017.

Atelier Karasinski strives towards responsible communication, mindful thinking and careful use of resources.

With over 13 years of work experience in design & production across all fields, our œuvre ranges from graphic design to interiors, while always trying to find the connection between past & present. We only curate a selected number of projects per year to guarantee every project is handled with the utmost care it deserves.

© Apollonia T. Bitzan

Over Competition

Our broad network of collaborators, ranging from architects to photographers and beyond, allows us to bring diverse projects to life, no matter the size of company or scope of work.


  • Archiguards
  • Anna Schmiderer
  • Studio Kasacek
  • Berger Lenz Architekten

Light Design

  • Cuuluu

Bespoke Interiors

  • Breitwieser Stoneworld
  • Bernit
  • Design & Holz
  • Kohlmaier Wien
  • Kunstspenglerei Kyral
  • Mörz Naturstein
  • Ladenstein


  • Anna Riess
  • Luisa Franz Kleopatra


  • Aleksandar Savic
  • Isabella Cotier
  • Lenka Reschenbach
  • Katja Protchenko
  • Ola Szmida
  • Dom Kesterton
  • Luisa Franz Kleopatra
  • Francesco Ciccolella
  • HFA Studio

Hair & Make Up

  • Sabine Reiter


  • Bösmüller
  • Gugler
  • ExWorks
  • Printpool
  • Rausgebrannt
  • Herz & Co.
  • Jörg Günther Produktionen


  • Ana S. Barros
  • Apollonia T. Bitzan
  • Kunstdokumentationen
  • Ruth Abram
  • Philipp Jelenska

Webdesign & Code

  • Liechteneckers
  • Mato Vincetić
  • Martin Wessely
  • Max Schulmeister


  • Typejockeys
  • Christoph Schütz


  • Ines Fritz