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Hôtel Karasinski

A curated hotel experience. What? A hotel within a hotel? Exactly. From 2021 to 2024, guests were invited to stay in our miniverse of curiosity and wonder for a night or more. Hôtel Karasinski, Vienna’s tiniest hotel for two, was created and designed by Laura Karasinski and debuted at Superbude Wien Prater. Each Hôtel Karasinski includes a cozy double bed covered with finest organic & eco-certified linen, a bathroom with a generous shower and a pink in-room bathtub for bubble baths, a record player, free Wi-Fi and bicycles on demand. All guests will be greeted with a personal welcome note by Laura Karasinski and a selection of her favorite records, drinks or snacks, a handful of curated books & magazines. Follow @hotelkarasinski for further updates and news on upcoming projects!

  • Scope: Naming, Branding, Interior Design
  • Category: Hotel
  • Partner: Archiguards, Bachhuber Hoteleinrichtungen, Nonconform
  • Photography: Apollonia T. Bitzan
  • Year: 2015—2021
  • Location: Vienna, Austria