As Adlerhof was a renowned establishment in Vienna’s Neubau district since the early 80’s, it was our utmost priority to keep its spirit alive. Together with Archiguards, we focused much of our effort on reconstructing the typical Viennese vault ceiling, re-discovered original tapestry from the 1970’s and designed furniture inspired by past decades. We carefully selected original pieces from well known Austrian architects and designers, for example tables by Oswald Haerdtl, bespoke Thonet chairs, and Bauhaus chandeliers. Come visit and see memorabilia from Adlerhofs past hanging on the walls, from signed soccer fan posters to yellowed notes of open tabs from 1987 and second hand oil paintings of what may well have been a regular visitor long before us.

Task: Branding, Packaging, Website, Interior Design

Category: Hospitality

Partner: Archiguards, Artmüller Architekten, Cuuluu, Kohlmaier Wien, Design&Holz, Thonet, Mato Vincetić, ExWorks

Year: 2019–2020

Location: Vienna, Austria

To keep Adlerhof’s spirit alive without Mr Stefan, football broadcasts and Schnaitl beer… it seemed impossible! And yet the new owners have conjured up a trendy bar with gentle hints of its past (such as wallpaper and lighting), breakfast until the afternoon, splendid cuisine, cocktails and good music. Gasthaus Adlerhof is alive again!