Pizza Bussi Ciao

Ciao, Amore! After 14 months of planning both the interior aswell as branding, packaging and merchandise, your new favorite pizza spot is finally here. Inspired by Austrian childhood memories from the Italian coast of Caorle, Bibione & Jesolo, squeaky rubber sandals your parents made you wear and this dreamy smell of tanning oil aka SPF 5 — come get a look and grab one of our bespoke pizza boxes filled with cheesy goodness at Pizza Bussi Ciao, Piaristengasse 15, 1080 Vienna, Austria. PS: Ketchup is extra!

Task: Storytelling, Logo, Branding, Packaging, Webdesign, Interior Design

Category: Hospitality

Partner: Elisabeth Kasacek, Design&Holz, Cuuluu, Mörz Naturstein, STO, Davide Groppi

Photography: Ana Barros

Year: 2020—2021

Location: Vienna, Austria

Tutti frutti, amore la Mutti.

— Pizza Bussi Ciao!