New website for Austrian architectural practice archiguards, better known as Andreas Heizeneder, Alexander Nieke, Arnold Pastl and Gerd Zehetner. The office was founded in 1995 by Andreas Heizeneder and Gerd Zehetner, who has been a freelance journalist at »der Standard« media since 1997. In 1998 Alexander Nieke and Arnold Pastl joined and completed the team of brilliant architects.

Task: Website, Photography

Category: Architecture

Partner: Mato Vincetić, Philipp Jelenska

Year: 2020

Location: Vienna, Austria

Since 2015 we are sharing our passion for great storytelling with our architectural partners from Archiguards.

— Atelier Karasinski

As architects they almost works as “worshippers of the sun” as the subject of light is carefully implemented in all details and all their buildings.

— Architecture In Progress