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no.2, made with ♡ May. 2017

Saturday, Feb. 18th

Los Angeles:

#karasinskiadventures 2

New York City

As of popular demand I've created a map of different places I’ve visited during my trips for friends & fans. #KarasinskiAdventures number 2from Los Angeles & Joshua Tree, California, is now out and about. Places to see, drink at, lunch in and sleep at. Feel free to use it on your next holiday and/or share with your beloved ones!(Click on the cover to get the link!)

Friday, feb. 17th

Walk That Talk:


Past Appearances:
  • Business Riot Festival 2016

    Career Talk with Laura Karasinski

    20.–22.10.2016, Vienna, Austria

  • Female Founders Meetup #2

    22.06.2016, Vienna, Austria

  • TEDxModulUniversity

    "How To Make Sensitivity

    Your Superpower"

    06.10.2016, Vienna, Austria

    ☞download the paper☞watch the talk
  • Manageers #18 – Magaging Growth

    06.06.2016, Vienna, Austria

  • Get To Know: Storytelling

    26.01.2017, Vienna, Austria

  • New Design University

    Lunch Talk about Interior Design

    (Class of Space & Information Design)

    30.03.2017, St. Pölten, Austria

Upcoming Appearances:
  • FAQ Bregenzerwald

    07.09.2017, Bregenz, Austria

Want to book us for a talk, speech or simply to share some words & ideas? We love talking to you! Shoot us an e-mail to:

monday, february. 20th

Books that made me:

a reading list: updated

As of popular demand, I created a list of my favorite books and some I haven't read yet. This list is now public for everyone interested in a good read about work-life-balance, psychology, spirituality, feminist literature and all time favorite novels. It will be updated irregularly. Enjoy, love & spread.

☞ I wanna read!

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