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Saturday, Nov. 26th



New York City

As of popular demand I've created a map of different places I’ve visited during my trips for friends & fans. #KarasinskiAdventuresis now alive! It will be published every now and then and feature cities like Cape Town, Paris, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Warsaw and as a starter: New York City. Feel free to use it on your next holiday and/or share with your beloved ones! (Click on the cover to get the link!)

Friday, oct. 13th

Spot on:


Hooray! I gave my first TED talk at TEDxModulUniversity in Vienna. Although I was anxious, overstimulated, sleep deprived since a week due to stressing the bajeezus out about my speech – the crowd took me in and embraced being very vulnerable with me, as I talked about highly sensitive people(and how to turn this trait into your superpower). I was trembling. I forgot half my speech. And I was applauded. I hoped to touch at least one person and to help open a door into a deeper level of understanding. Eventually, not one, but a dozen people came up to me after my speech and thanked me as they found themselves within it. Thank you for coming, listening, embracing, sharing a racing heart and a room full of open-mindedness!
My whole TED Talk is now online here, so all of you who missed it have the possibility to watch it. As I forgot half of the things I wanted to share on stage, my paper on Highly Sensitive People is attached for free downloading here. For all of you who are interested to read more about HSPs, I warmly recommend to buy Elaine N. Aron’s book called ‚The Highly Sensitive Person':

monday, sept. 22nd

Books that made me:

a reading list

As of popular demand, I created a list of my favorite books and some I haven't read yet. This list is now public for everyone interested in a good read about work-life-balance, psychology, spirituality, feminist literature and all time favorite novels. It will be updated irregularly. Enjoy, love & spread.

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